Top 3 Places to Visit in Cuba

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La Habana

Cuba’s capital and top destination to travel; especially if you want to learn about the countries amazing culture, and better yet, take yourself back in time to the 1960s. If you are staying in the capital for a few days, I highly suggest visiting the old & new part of the city – to get a feel of the real Cuba. We stayed in an Airbnb in La Habana for around 3 days with a breathtaking view of the “Malecon”, or coastline. The entire apartment to ourselves was also a plus (paid about $124 dollars, 3 days / 2 people). Our host, Milagros, was very resourceful and arranged a private taxi to get us around town. The most convenient thing about staying there was the insanely economic restaurant on the 1st floor of the building where they served breakfast/lunch and dinner with prices so low it was almost suspicious!

More sightseeing : “El Malecon”, “El Capitolio” and “Morro Castle” literally all located in the center of La Habana.

You could take a taxi, but I recommend you walk around for a better perspective of the city. Make sure to walk around “Paseo del Padro,” which will lead you to where most of the convertible taxis are located. Here you could rent a driver to take you around town and take some pretty cool pictures with these stunning mid-1900 convertibles (make sure to bargain with them to get a rental for a reasonable price). 

The best thing about walking around is stumbling upon different restaurants/bars for a quick snack or refresher (make sure to try their mojitos and a cold Bucanero – their famous beer).

Cuevas Saturno & Varadero

Varadero is approximately a 2-hour drive from La Habana (if traffic isn’t too bad). On our way there, it was highly recommended to stop at Cuevas Saturno for a quick swim. The driver our host Milagros set us up with was the one who took us (he charged us $80 dollars for 2 people). We made a quick stop to plunge into by far the coldest water I have ever felt. The water was crystal clear to the point you could see the bottom of the cave, about 20 – 25 feet below. We paid $5 CUC (about $5 dollars) to enter the caves for roughly an hour. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes, as you have to take a short hike through the jungle before arriving to the cave.

After the cave, we drove about another 30 minutes to Varadero. I recommend this beach as an absolute must see if you visit Cuba. Never in my life have I witnessed water so clear, and I’m from the Caribbean! The entrance is totally free, and you have plenty of room to settle down once you get there (make sure to take beach towels, as they do not have rentals – unless you go to stay at a hotel nearby). After settling in, we honestly just relaxed most of the day in the water.

Viñales Valley

We wanted to get a feel of the “campo,” or country side, during our stay in Cuba, so we booked another Aibnb (or Casa Particular) in Viñales.We stayed with a family that was very welcoming and took care of us every single day as if we were their own blood. We were located in Pinar del Rio, right in the center of ViñalesIn this casa particular, we had our own private room and bathroom, and breakfast/lunch or dinner at an additional cost (the food was fresh and delicious). While staying here, you must visit “Valle de Viñales,” go horseback riding through the mountains and to their cigar and coffee farms. We were able to book these activities once we got there, that way we could bargain down the price a bit. We also visited a hotel called “La Ermita” where you could pay $8 CUC to have access to the hotels pool at the top of a mountain with amazing views of the entire pueblo of Viñales (highly recommend going here for at least a day). I also suggest dining at “Restaurante – Bar Buena Vista” for some delicious and authentic Cuban food.

If you are in the mood to dance and enjoy good quality music, visit “Centro Cultural Polo Montanez”, where you pay only $1 CUC and have access to a live band that plays from 9pm to midnight! Here you will dance until your calves hurt, but you will surely feel the music culture that is Cuba take over you (yes they do have dancers who help you learn a few salsa moves).We honestly enjoyed Viñales the most as the nature lovers that we are.

Some tips to remember before traveling to Cuba:

  • A Visa is needed before traveling (the Airline you book your ticket with could sell you the Visa, which ranges from $80 to $120 dollars. You could also purchase the Visa the day of your flight before check-in.
  • The currency used in Cuba is CUC (Cuban Convertible Peso) which is equal to $1 US dollar. Make sure to exchange your funds to cash at the airport, once you land in Cuba. It’s very difficult to use credit cards here, so I suggest you use all cash.
  • Transportation is relatively easy, but be careful with some taxi drivers who try to scam tourists. We were lucky enough to arrange all of our transportations with the hosts from the Airbnbs that we stayed at.

Weekend getaway to jaco, Costa rica

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Ohhhh Costa Rica, a beautiful country with the greatest wildlife, food & people. I always wanted to visit this particular destination, due to all the positive feedback travelers promote. It’s a place full of ecotourism, adventure, sun, beaches, wellness, and the list goes on. There’s honestly so much to do in Costa Rica, that it’s impossible to only visit once.

We decided to travel to Jaco, Costa Rica for an extended weekend. We chose this particular destination, because we enjoy the beaches the most.

 We flew from Miami to San Jose (SJO) – roughly a 4 hour flight. Thankfully, we had our driver Carlos pick us up and drop us off in Jaco,who charged us $80 – round trip. (A friend of a friend, provided us with his information, and he was honestly so resourceful and friendly). He even stopped in Garabito at a river to see the crocodiles (talk about wild). He also provided us with helpful tips to get around in order to stick to our budget (for example: buses to take and places to eat).

Our reservation was from a Thursday to a Monday at the Oceano Boutique Hotel & Gallery. Located right in the center of Jaco, close to the beaches and shops. We were lucky enough to check-in early in the afternoon, and assigned a cozy room with a pool view (let me tell you…this was honestly the best part of my mornings… seeing this view with the mountains in the background). Since we were on a budget, we did the bundle savings of booking Flight & Hotel together and booked this trip through Expedia – paid around $650 per person. A bit high due to us traveling during their dry season & also peak season.

We ate at this delicious place called “Soda Garabito”, where you could get a plate of rice, beans, chicken and drink – all for just $3 dollars (around $2,000 Colones per person). Conversion is as follows $1 dollar = $597 Colones. This place is buffet style, with a different menu every single day (the good thing is that you get to eat different every time). We honestly tried eating here every single day, at least for lunch time (the food was to die for). After our meal, we decided to walk around town and watch the sunset in Jaco Beach (Breathtaking).

At night we wanted to try out a new spot to eat, which was highly recommended called “Ridiculous Burgers”. Prices were between $3,000 – $12,000 Colones (Approximately $5-$20 dollars). All I have to say is, what a delicious burger! Highly suggest trying out this spot for all those burger lovers.

We went on a day trip to Manuel Antonio National Park. It was way too expensive to take a taxi, so we decided to take the public bus. It costs us around $2 dollars ($1,000 Colones) per person –round trip. Once we got to Manuel Antonio, we went to Playa Espadilla all day –it was honestly so relaxing to hear the waves, hear the animals and to simply be alive to witness so much beauty. We went parasailing and drank a few Pina Coladas right on the beach. We later had lunch at “El Avion” – where you are literally eating inside of an airplane (prices were a bit more expensive, being that it was located in a touristic zone). The view here was also to die for – be aware of the monkeys, trying to look for food! On our way back to the hotel, we had a quick stop in Quepos, where we witnessed another beautiful sunset. It’s amazing how people go outside, with their families around 5pm, to sit down at the beach and watch the sunset.

During our last day, we went to “La Marina, los Suenos”to eat and watch another lovely sunset. See in Costa Rica, they truly enjoy nature, and watching sunsets with loved ones is a must. I am so glad that I was able to do so every single day during our stay.


Island hopping through Phuket

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We arrived to Phuket around 2:30 in the afternoon, and had to wait a little bit for our Airbnb to be ready. We paid $849 dollars for a whole apartment located in Serenity Residences in Rawai, Phuket. Which turned out to be around $172 dollars per person (the 5 of us) for the 4 nights there. We chose this location because it was close to all the activities we had planned in our itinerary and also due to it being located right on the beach.


With this particular place, you can pay half of the money once you reserve and the rest a week before traveling. We decided to stay longer in Phuket due to all the beautiful islands to visit.

Thankfully we were able to arrange a day trip (very last minute- booked the night before) to the Phi Phi Islands, through our host Jenny from the Airbnb. It cost us $1,600 baht per person (approximately $50 dollars) – which included pick up and drop off from hotel, light breakfast of fruits, pastries and beverages, and then boat ride throughout Monkey island, Phi Phi don, Kai Nai island and Viking caves. This trip also included a delicious Thai lunch and swimming on some of the islands. Beautiful Maya Bay has been closed for roughly 6 months. Not available to visit due to all the damage tourism has caused to the ecosystem. They are hoping that by not having visitors or boats, that it could possibly go back to how it used to be.


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It has always been a dream to me to see and touch an elephant – a dream that finally became true, during my stay in Thailand. We visited the Sonchana Elephant Sanctuary, to swim, bathe, play and feed the elephants. Definitely an experience that was crossed off my bucket list. The pricing was a bit different, since we were on our way to Phuket, we had a stop arranged at the Sanctuary before reaching our ultimate destination. But, most sanctuaries charge between $500 to $800 baht, per person – which covers for the food and care of the elephants.

I’m not going to lie, when you first see one RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU, it’s a bit scary due to how enormous they actually look in person. They are almost twice the size of a horse. But to me, the scariest part of it all, was getting on top of one – because it felt like I was going to fall due to the way they walk (they walk side to side, very slowly and not straight like most animals do).

We chose this activity, versus trekking with the elephants, because to us these animals (just like any other animal) are meant to be free in a habitat with no suffering or exploiting – #saynotoelephantrekking

A different way to shop in Damnoen Saduak, Thailand

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During our stay in Thailand, it was highly recommended to visit the Floating market, located in Damnoen Saudak – about an hour away from Bangkok. This trip cost us $1,000 Baht ($32 dollars) for 5 people total (arranged at our hotel called Isanook Bangkok), with transportation there and back included. In the floating market, you are literally inside of a Thai boat, going around each spot to purchase traditional Thai art / souvenirs. So much art, color and talent is shown on every stop you make. The atmosphere in here is truly amazing… to see a such small town with homes literally on a river, with scarce resources, and still see those who live there, smile. To think that they live their lives with no sort of luxury, and still look so happy to live there, getting up every day to sell items that some of them even created. What’s crazy about it all, its how cheap some of these items are valued, doesn’t even make you want to bargain with them, because you know this is how they make a living. It’s truly admiring how hardworking Thai people are, this place was definitely one of my favorite stops.

In addition to shopping, you could also take pictures with exotic animals, such as snakes and monkeys for $200 Baht ( $6 dollars). I’m terrified of snakes, so I took a picture with a Loris (similar to a monkey), which literally wraps around your arms once you hold it. They love to eat fruits and are normally found in Southern Asia.