Elephants, Nature, Thailand

It has always been a dream to me to see and touch an elephant – a dream that finally became true, during my stay in Thailand. We visited the Sonchana Elephant Sanctuary, to swim, bathe, play and feed the elephants. Definitely an experience that was crossed off my bucket list. The pricing was a bit different, since we were on our way to Phuket, we had a stop arranged at the Sanctuary before reaching our ultimate destination. But, most sanctuaries charge between $500 to $800 baht, per person – which covers for the food and care of the elephants.

I’m not going to lie, when you first see one RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU, it’s a bit scary due to how enormous they actually look in person. They are almost twice the size of a horse. But to me, the scariest part of it all, was getting on top of one – because it felt like I was going to fall due to the way they walk (they walk side to side, very slowly and not straight like most animals do).

We chose this activity, versus trekking with the elephants, because to us these animals (just like any other animal) are meant to be free in a habitat with no suffering or exploiting – #saynotoelephantrekking