Best places to visit in Bangkok, Thailand

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CD502342-D911-4483-A795-1ABD8B973BAEBangkokThailand’s capital and main city to visit.

I would highly suggest visiting the fascinating temples: Grand Palace (Residence & Museum), Wat Phra Kaew (where the Reclining Buddha is located), Wat Arun (Riverside Temple). It’s amazing how much art and color is seen in these temples, the feeling its indescribable. You can easily has access to all these temples for as long as you want, with an entry charge of roughly $100 Baht, per location (every $1 = to $32 Baht). Most of the funds being charged, are used for donations & maintenance of these temples.


If you are in the mood for shopping, definitely suggest visiting China Town or famous Khaosan Road. Be prepared to walk around crowded and congested roads, full of souvenirs and things to purchase. Main thing to remember – is to bargain with the sellers; their goal is to make a sale and have the customer leave satisfied. But, if you are not really feeling these outdoors shops (under 90 degree weather), another option would be to visit MBK Mall, which has 8 floors filled with stores and items you didn’t even know existed. If you are into buying electronics (such as phones, tablets, chargers, selfie sticks) would recommend visiting the 7th floor. On the first floor, they also have a small shop that can custom made your passport holder, for all my fellow travelers (cost around $100-$200 Baht with name and tags). Keep in mind prices are a bit higher than the outdoor shops.

Best nightlife spot to visit with a breathtaking view, was the Sky Bar – located in the center of Bangkok. It is a fancy rooftop bar, so make sure to dress up for the occasion. There is no cover charge, but drinks are overpriced, due to the location. I highly suggest going for the view and pictures, and maybe one cocktail or two – Be ready to pay around $25-$40 dollars, per person (approximately $800 – $1,400 Baht per drink). Additionally, there are taxes and gratuity included on the bill. But, to be honest the staff was so attentive, that every Baht spent was worth it. They also have a great DJ that made the atmosphere even more pleasant.


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