A different way to shop in Damnoen Saduak, Thailand

Floating Market, Nature, Thailand

During our stay in Thailand, it was highly recommended to visit the Floating market, located in Damnoen Saudak – about an hour away from Bangkok. This trip cost us $1,000 Baht ($32 dollars) for 5 people total (arranged at our hotel called Isanook Bangkok), with transportation there and back included. In the floating market, you are literally inside of a Thai boat, going around each spot to purchase traditional Thai art / souvenirs. So much art, color and talent is shown on every stop you make. The atmosphere in here is truly amazing… to see a such small town with homes literally on a river, with scarce resources, and still see those who live there, smile. To think that they live their lives with no sort of luxury, and still look so happy to live there, getting up every day to sell items that some of them even created. What’s crazy about it all, its how cheap some of these items are valued, doesn’t even make you want to bargain with them, because you know this is how they make a living. It’s truly admiring how hardworking Thai people are, this place was definitely one of my favorite stops.

In addition to shopping, you could also take pictures with exotic animals, such as snakes and monkeys for $200 Baht ( $6 dollars). I’m terrified of snakes, so I took a picture with a Loris (similar to a monkey), which literally wraps around your arms once you hold it. They love to eat fruits and are normally found in Southern Asia.


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